The Miracle of Lester Levenson


This is a story about love in its highest and purest form. It’s a story you may find – unbelievable. This is Lester Levenson’s story. I love this story.

Lester Levenson, (1909-1994) was a physicist and businessman from New Jersey. In 1952, at the age of 42, Lester suffered a severe coronary attack. The doctor sent him home from the hospital as there was nothing more they could do for him. The doctor’s advice to Lester was to buy loafers because the bending over to tie his shoes would put too much stress on his heart.

Lester asked the doctor how much time he had left to live. The doctor didn’t know, stating that he could live another year to two or he could be gone tomorrow.


Lester went home to his New York City penthouse and prepared to die. He thought about swallowing all the tablets he’d been prescribed, but he decided to wait.

He wondered what life was about and what he was doing here on this planet. He thought about his life and how it seemed he had to fight for fleeting moments of happiness. Before his massive coronary, Lester had other health problems to contend with and he wondered how life could be so cruel as to make him go through all of that to end up with a dying body and nothing much else, at least nothing that really mattered.


Lester decided not to give up;  he wondered if he could use his mind to find an answer to overcome his current situation. He contemplated the question, what is life and wondered what he’d been looking for all his life. More questions surfaced about the nature of existence and Lester sought the answers in the books on his shelf. He had books on; Freud, Watson, Jung, Adler, books on medicine, physics, engineering, “he had books on everything”.

He realized the answers he searched for could not be found in books. Lester realized his problems were in his body, mind and emotions. Therefore, he reasoned, so must be the answers; within himself.


For the next month, Lester pondered the question, “What is happiness?” He thought about all his past relationships and incidents where he was happy. It occurred to Lester that he was happy when he was feeling loving. Lester surmised, “Happiness is when I am loving!”

Next, Lester looked at all the unhappy times and noticed that in these times he felt a lack of love and expected others to make him feel happy or loved. Then he noticed situations where he felt hate toward another and wondered if he could change the feeling to love instead, not for the benefit of the other, but for his own benefit.

“Happiness is when I am loving!”

The Practice

Lester practiced replacing the hate feeling with love and found that the burning sensation in his chest disappeared. Other scenarios came to mind and Lester worked at dissolving all negativity in each case. Sometime it took him hours working with one scenario at a time, while other times it took only a few minutes to dissolve or release the resentments and hurt feelings.

He worked through his entire life bit by bit and as he did he became stronger and stronger, happier and happier. In three months, Lester released so much of his negativity that he experienced a blissful, state of joy that made him feel light and everything became extremely beautiful.

Lester wondered what was beyond this joyous state. He found it was peace. Lester slipped into a feeling of undisturbed stillness and quietness. He’d found the essence of every living thing – Beingness. “Everything was It; every person was It.”

Amazing Natural Abilities

While in this state of Beingness, Lester thought of a friend he knew in California and wondered what he was doing at that moment. Immediately, Lester was there in his friend’s living room. “He could see the room, the people in it, his friend sitting there talking to them.” Lester phoned his friend to check-out his observations. His friend gasped and asked Lester how he could possibly know all of these details. Lester could feel his friend’s panic as if he were right inside his friend’s body. Lester realized his Oneness with everyone and everything “because his essence was the essence of all.”

Of course, Lester had to find a way to put his friend at ease again, so he told his friend he made it all up and it must have been a coincidence that what he made up was actually true. Then he chatted with his friend for a few more minutes asking him to visit the next time he came to New York.

With three months of intensive work, Lester released all negative thoughts and emotions and healed his mind and body. Lester began telling others of his experienced enlightened state and soon began speaking before crowds of many. For the next 43 years, Lester taught others to release and dissolve their negative thoughts and feelings so that they too could experience an enlightened state.

Here is the first part of a talk that Lester gave in 1964 on happiness. The taped recording has an introduction from the person who posted the talk on YouTube, but you will hear Lester himself speaking after that. For those who want to learn more, there are 4 parts to this one talk.

Some of Lester’s students went on to teach his message after Lester passed. The students (now teachers) I’ve come across in my travels are: Stephen Seretan, The KISS Releasing System;  Larry Crane, The Release Technique;  Hale Dwoskin, The Sedona Method.

Lester Levenson’s story is much greater than what I’ve written in this blog post. There are many more amazing abilities and moments that are shared in greater detail in some of his books such as; No Attachments, No Aversions: The Autobiography of a Master and The Ultimate Truth (About Love & Happiness): A Handbook to Life.

I love Lester’s story because his personal experience demonstrates how to rise above limitations through letting go of all negative thoughts and emotions, cultivating feelings of love, happiness and peace to realize that our true essence is in the One Beingness, not the separate individuals as we appear.

Source: Lester Levenson’s story – 20 page pdf download called “Read a Letter from Lester Levenson”

To further support Lester’s experience please read, The Miracle of Anita Moorjani.

Experience true peace and happiness the Lester Levenson Way! A book review of Lester and Me, written by a student of Lester’s, Stephen Seretan.

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47 Responses to The Miracle of Lester Levenson

  1. I have never heard this story before, Marianne. This is the paragraph that spoke loudly to me:

    Next, Lester looked at all the unhappy times and noticed that in these times he felt a lack of love and expected others to make him feel happy or loved. Then he noticed situations where he felt hate toward another and wondered if he could change the feeling to love instead, not for the benefit of the other, but for his own benefit.

    Such wisdom! Thank you so much for sharing this story.

    • Miracle Mama

      You’re welcome, Kathy. I agree, it is such wisdom. I would recommend printing off the 20 page pdf file detailing Lester’s story because there is so much more in it. Just click on the Source link and you’ll see the link to the letter on the page. I’m using Lester’s concepts this week to work on some past issues of my own. I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and commenting, Kathy.

  2. Thank you so much, Marianne, for introducing me to Lester and his story. The timing in my life is perfect, and listening to Lester (I’ve listened to 5 of the 26 so far) has caused such a profound shift in my thinking that I’m not yet able to put it into words.

    Thank you. 🙂

    • Miracle Mama

      You are welcome, Robin. I’m really happy someone uploaded his talks on YouTube. He is such a humble man, it’s a pleasure to listen to him. Lester’s wisdom is helping me too. I’m honored to help spread his message. Thanks for reading and commenting, Robin.

  3. Hi Marianne,

    I love this post! It really show the power of the mind. How wonderful that Lester shared what he learned and passed on the goodness. Thanks for sharing. It was an uplifting story!

    • Miracle Mama

      So glad you enjoyed the post, Cathy! Lester’s story is uplifting. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Have a great weekend!

  4. What a wonderful post, Marianne! It’s so hard to fight through illness to the other side, yet Lester went beyond just regaining health to living fully. He’s truly an inspiration.

    • Miracle Mama

      I know, Elle B, I’m still trying to see my way through to the other side. I’m hoping that by following Lester’s example, I can get through my experience of illness to realize health. He is very inspiring. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Hope you have a great weekend.

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  8. Wow, this is wonderful. Thank you for introducing me to this story. Seems everything coming to me these days affirms this…happiness is when I am loving! Perfect for me today. I recently saw a quote that said “Disappointment is God’s way of saying ‘I’ve got something better’ ” and today I find myself being extra on guard for not letting disappointment open the door to negativity. I can now simply gain my happiness by being loving. Being LOVE. Letting love rule. 🙂 And lucky for us, we all have lots to turn our loving attention to. (yourself, home, family, pets, nature, etc). What better way to let go and allow your desires to be fulfilled, than to be loving. So simple, yet so profound. Love it! Thank you.

    • Miracle Mama

      So glad Lester’s message inspired you, Neerja! I’ve learned that this has to be my focus every moment of the day. When negativity creeps in, I need to remind myself that “In the end, only love matters.” Being loving and kind to myself and others is all that really matters. Thank you for your comment, Neerja. Wishing you a beautiful day. 🙂

      Keep up the great work at Neerja TV. Wishing you all the very best!

  9. Hello again, Miracle Mama!
    If you come across a good blog on the Power of Love in the Manifestation process, please let me know.
    Wishing you peace and love.

    • Miracle Mama

      You’re welcome. Hope it inspired you. I know it inspired me. I like to read Lester’s story often as well as others like Lester. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

  10. Colleen K. Peltomaa

    Lester was my first real G.U.R.U. (“Gee You Are You = GURU). There is one lecture I listen to three times a day while I use his method of Self-Inqury, asking with attention and intention, “Who Am I?”, and looking at whatever comes up. I have been doing mind clearing techniques for about 4 years now and I think it is really starting to pay off in helping me to truly quiet my mind so that I can be more constantly connected with the real me, the One-ness and Everyone-ness that it seems that many of us helplessly try to put into English words, but we do our best.

    • Miracle Mama

      Hi Colleen, is G.U.R.U. a Lester acronym? It sounds a lot like Lester’s!

      Four years – that’s wonderful, Colleen. I love how Anita Moorjani’s experience really brings to light the “feeling” of the One Consciousness state. The feeling state is so hard to put into accurate words that describe the immensity and depth of it. Sometimes, I wish I could sit at Lester’s feet and drink in the entire experience.

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Colleen. Keep up the great work and I’ll try too. Wishing you a wonderful week! 🙂

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  12. aisyah

    Thank you so much for sharing Lester’s story. I’ve been reading one of his book “No Attachements No Aversions” and love him so much. He is so inspiring, I really want be like him–know himself, totally free and absolutely happy, all the time. I want to learn everything to achieve that, so it’s really good to read your blog, Miracle Mama. Thanks again for sharing, God bless you always 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Miracle Mama

      Hi Aisyah,

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I too, want to be like Lester. He inspires me greatly. He seems like such a humble man and I really enjoy watching the videos of his talks. I enjoy sharing the inspiration I receive from the blessed souls who lead our way. It’s good to know that I’m not alone and that there are others like yourself to share the journey with. Keep checking back as I have other stories to share and will be adding some new things to the blog as well.


  13. I was a student and close friend of Lester’s for 11 years. I wrote a book about our talks called, LESTER AND ME, MY UNFORGETTABLE CONVERSATIONS WITH AMERICAN MASTER, LESTER LEVENSON. I can answer any questions you have.

    • Miracle Mama

      Hi Stephen,

      Thank you so much for visiting and for your comment. I’d love to contact you to ask some questions about Lester to feature on the blog and I’d love to read your book and review it for the blog as well. Thanks so much for your offer. This is amazing! 🙂

  14. Hi Marianne,

    I would be happy to answer your questions about Lester for the blog. Thank you for your mention of me here as one of the Sedona Method teachers. I will send you a review copy of my book if you tell me where to email it.


    • Miracle Mama

      Wonderful! Thank you so much, Stephen! My email is marianne-i [at] hotmail [dot] com. Looking forward to it. 🙂

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  19. this story never fails to inspire me

    • Marianne

      It’s so wonderful to hear this, Lewis. And, I have to agree with you. Lester’s story IS very inspiring. Thank you for taking time to leave a comment, Lewis. 🙂

  20. priya

    Thank you so much for posting this. It really makes me wonder how simple it is.

    • Marianne

      Therein lies the paradox. According to Lester’s story, he spent at least two solid months of constant releasing of all negativity and raising his vibration by filling himself with joy. Apparently, he lived as a recluse avoiding contact with people for a time. I know for myself, that would be very difficult as I have to earn a living somehow. Simple, yet hard to practice. Thanks very much for your comment! Happy you like Lester’s story. 🙂

  21. Lester inspired me for the 11 years I knew him. He was truly an amazing being.
    You can read more about him on my site: I teach his simple approach to releasing. KiSS Releasing.

    • Marianne

      Thank you for your comment, Stephen. I do hope the readers are taking the opportunity to engage with you and your expertise. Keeping company with a master is an awesome experience. I was in the company of a master from India for 10 minutes and it was an experience I’ll never forget. I’m in the process of writing a blog post about it. Eleven years..must have been an incredibly uplifting experience. Best, Marianne.

      • It was for sure. I heard things about the Universe and reality I never knew. Any of your readers can email me any questions about him. Happy to help.


      • Joy

        Hi Marianne

        Which Indian master you got the opportunity to be with? I am from India and have learnt a lot from their wisdom.
        Lester Levenson lived a life of love, very close to being enlightened. However, unfortunately, after his death, people with him have made his teachings commercial – a business. From where can I get books authored by Lester?

  22. ColleenKPeltomaa

    Lester basically did a form of ‘self-enquiry’, which I am also doing. A good 16-page companion reference is “Who Am I?” by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. All masters will say basically the same thing, that is that one must first bring the mind to a degree of quietness. After that the job is smooth. Another thing these Masters share is their bull-doggedness and single-minded devotion. I am myself starting to realize how much my mind wanders and how amazingly dedicated I must be to be on top of it. Fortunately, I also have other processes and have done other types of clearing work so I am not a stranger to this path. I also assist others in their first steps at developing a detached awareness of their thoughts, emotions, physical issues, etc. It is a good path, not without some discomforts and dis-orientation that needs to be handled along the way.

    • Marianne

      Thanks for the information, Colleen! I like that you mention, “Another thing these Masters share is their bull-doggedness and single-minded devotion.” I noticed that as well and I realize how much I “scatter my fire” each day by flitting from thing to thing, especially since I became involved with community work several months ago. Often, I am torn between a desire for engagement and a desire for withdrawal, if that makes sense.
      You also mention that you assist others so I wonder if you are interested in writing an article for the blog about what you do and how you help people. If you have a website we could post a link as well. Just send an email to the address listed on the contact page to let me know. Thanks Colleen.

      • ColleenKPeltomaa

        Okay, Marianne, your request is well received and I will follow through. Expect to hear from me soon. As for the dispersal you experience, there is a technique called “Root Healing” that helps you focus in on the problem — I have found this works for me. If it would be okay with you I can even show you how it works for resolving that particular problem.

  23. I have Lester’s typed autobiography with his
    Margin notes. Fascinating.


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