How to Create Miracles in Your Life


I am very excited to introduce a guest post from a miracle man, M.Farouk Radwan. Farouk lives in Egypt. He is an author, speaker, coach, TV personality and dot com millionaire at the age of 28. Farouk’s code is, “Some people live their lives drifting in the wind; others harness the wind to go where they please.” That is so inspiring, don’t you think?

Farouk helps others through coaching and writing articles and books that are backed by psychology on the topics of relationships, self-confidence, breaking habits, weight loss and how to eliminate unwanted emotions. What makes Farouk’s books unique is the fact that he has personally experienced everything he writes about. There was a time in his life when he had no friends, no self-confidence, no skills, no courage and no personal strength. Through his own personal development, Farouk changed his life. Now, amazing and wonderful things happen. To Farouk, miracles are possible.

M.Farouk Radwan

Here is Farouk’s guest post:

How to create miracles in your life

What is a miracle? It’s something that seems impossible to most people and that’s why they become amazed when they see someone doing it.

Life is not simple and in order to reach your goals you need to do miracles sometimes in order to keep going and to get what you want.

In this post I will tell you how to create miracles in your life.

This is how to create miracles:

1) Believe that it’s not a miracle: As long as you believe that you need a miracle to achieve something you will be programming yourself to fail. Once you start to believe that it’s possible to do that thing you are after, you will increase your chance of achieving it.

2) Get rid of false beliefs: Most people believe that they can’t succeed, that they don’t have enough resources to reach their goals and that they can’t do miracles. Once you break free from these false beliefs you will be able to do miracles and get what you want in life.

3) Persist: Life is not easy and miracles can’t be done over night. You might need to try for months or even years before you can do a miracle. Just be persistent, never give up and keep going.

My own personal story

In 2006, I told people that I want to make money blogging, but most of them made fun of the idea. By 2008,  my blog was 2 years old and I wasn’t making except few dollars per day (around 4).

At this point, continuing to work on my blog seemed like a miracle. I am not motivated to continue, my goal appeared unreachable and I was about to lose hope.

I can’t count the number of rejections I got along the way or the obstacles I faced because they are uncountable, but I kept going because I believed that I was writing superb content that deserved to see the light.

By 2010, I made my first million from blogging and if everything goes well I will be making the second this November.

For me, this is considered a miracle, but thank God I did it.

I believed in myself, I was persistent and I kept trying, that’s why it happened.

Written by M.Farouk Radwan

The founder of 2knowmyself

Okay, so, now that we know how to create miracles, what are we waiting for, lets all go out and do it. Yay! And don’t forget to email me with your miracle story so we can post it on the blog.

Please leave a comment for Farouk or myself and if you’d like to visit Farouk to see what he’s up to just click on 2knowmyself.

And by the way, I don’t have any affiliate connections with Farouk, I just think he is a neat guy who is creating miracles in his life and I wanted to share with you. Thanks so very much for reading and commenting.

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13 Responses to How to Create Miracles in Your Life

  1. thank you so much Marianne for posting my story
    its an honor for me
    keep in touch and keep up the good work dear 🙂

    • Miracle Mama

      You are welcome and thank YOU for your kind words and being my guest. It’s an honor. Have a happy day, Farouk!

  2. You can make millions blogging? My eyes are wider than the computer screen! Congratulations to Farouk for making his dream come true and inspiring us that anything is possible.

    • Miracle Mama

      Yup! I agree, it is so inspiring to see someone who follows their dream. Ordinary people with a passion. Very uplifting. Great to see you, Kathy. Have a happy day!

  3. Farouk is an inspiration to us all and his story demonstrates that the possibilities are out there and available when we use our creative mind and just go for it!

    • Miracle Mama

      Amen! Yay to possibilities! Yay to the creative mind! Yay to just going for it! I feel very energized today. Great to see you, Cathy. Hope you’re having a happy day!

  4. Wow. Making millions blogging? Very cool. And very inspirational. 🙂

    • Miracle Mama

      Hi Robin, How’s it going? Looks like you’re having a great summer so far.

      I agree. Farouk is very cool and inspiring. I think he is living a limitless life. Yay Farouk!

      For some reason, I seem to be in an especially revved up mood today.

      Great to see you, Robin. Hope you’re having a great evening!

  5. Hi Marianne,

    I followed a link from Robin (Life in the Bogs) page and found myself here! I love this site! Call it a miracle, hard work or positive attitude, Farouk’s story is so inspiring! After reading his story it makes me feel that anything is possible!

    I’ve enjoyed meeting you today. 🙂

    • Miracle Mama

      Hi Joanne,

      So glad you stopped by. It’s nice to meet you.

      I agree, Farouk is very inspiring. I’m happy his story has such an effect! We need stories like this.

      Hope you have a wonderful week, Joanne. 🙂

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  7. Walter Gichui

    Great article! Farouk has indeed overcome many obstacles to get where he is at this point in life.Thanks to him for holding out during those tough times and being a blessing to many(myself included). I won’t shy off to say that he’s actually my role-model 🙂

    Walter G.

    • Marianne

      Hi Walter, Thank you very much for visiting all the way from Nairobi and taking the time to leave a wonderful comment about Farouk. I think everyone needs a role-model or two. Farouk is indeed an awesome role-model. Wishing you a wonderful week, Walter. 🙂

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