Experience true peace and happiness the Lester Levenson Way!


This post is for all Lester Levenson fans and for those who want to learn how to achieve freedom from the suffering of life’s burdens and experience true peace and happiness.

Last year on this blog, I shared Lester’s amazing journey from serious illness to complete health, love and happiness in a post titled, The Miracle of Lester Levenson.

Completely enamored by Lester’s story and personal experience, I read everything I could find about him and watched every video that was available on YouTube. Unfortunately, some of those videos have since been taken down.

To me, Lester is the real deal; a man who through direct personal experience changed his perception and experience of the world by lifting his thoughts and feelings to new heights rising above the mundane to experience the miraculous.

In amazement, I wondered what it would be like to know Lester and I imagined being in his company and listening to his talks. I wondered what it was like for serious students as recipients of Lester’s wisdom.

You can probably imagine my giddy delight when a student of Lester’s, Stephen Seretan, teacher of Lester’s K.I.S.S. Releasing System, left a comment for us here on the blog.

 “I was a student and close friend of Lester’s for 11 years. I wrote a book about our talks called, LESTER AND ME, MY UNFORGETTABLE CONVERSATIONS WITH AMERICAN MASTER, LESTER LEVENSON. I can answer any questions you have.”

And so it is with great honor that I provide for you a review of Stephen Seretan’s 63-page bookLester and Me.

The story, Lester and Me is enthralling as Seretan weaves teachings from Lester into his own personal narrative about struggle and unhappiness as a youth in his twenties, the disappointments in the world of show-biz and the spiritual quest that led him to meet Lester in 1983.

Seretan describes his feelings upon meeting Lester as “a long lost friend” and an answer to his prayers. He lovingly paints a portrait of a most humble, gentle and unassuming man who he refers to as the American Master.

The book is chock-full of anecdotes and helpful real-life illustrations that will assist students of Lester’s K.I.S.S. Releasing System as taught by Seretan. One read through is not enough to gain the full benefit of Lester’s wisdom as told to Seretan throughout his long chats with Lester over eleven years.

One of the messages that stood out the most for me is that Lester wanted people to do the work themselves, as he did. No one can free you, but you. Lester can point the way, but it is up to the individual to do the work to free themselves. Only then will the benefits be experienced.

This is why Lester unselfishly gave freely of his time to help his students through sharing his experience, pointing the way and encouraging his students to spread the word.  Thankfully, Stephen Seretan is continuing to share Lester’s message by teaching Lester’s K.I.S.S. Releasing System and sharing his conversations with Lester in his book.

A couple of quotes from Lester and Me that I love are;

“He discovered that at our core Beingness, we are whole, perfect, and can instantly create anything we choose if not encumbered by our self imposed limitations. After he went free, he demonstrated this over and over to himself with large and small things.”

Seretan asked Lester;

““Do you ever have any obstacles when you are creating things?” I inquired, hoping I would hear a little bit of a kindred spirit in this tedious process.
“Absolutely none,” he fired back.”

After reading the preceding statement, it occurred to me that an obstacle is only an obstacle when we agree with the thought that something is an obstacle, otherwise there are no obstacles. We create our own reality.

“When we release these programs as Lester’s method teaches us, we find amazingly that the material world we so desperately are trying to control just opens for us, and gives us what we seek; no stress or strain necessary.”

In the past year, I’ve found truth in this statement. As I have let go of all striving, grasping and need to control, I find things are coming to me effortlessly. Opportunities show up. People show up. Situations show up. Life is an adventure unfolding one day at a time.

My review of Seretan’s book would not be complete if I did not state that some who read Lester and Me may take exception to some of the material presented. I think this is a normal reaction and I am of the mind that when I read something, I take what I like and leave the rest.

In my mind, Stephen Seretan’s book, Lester and Me, holds the secrets to true peace and happiness as experienced by the American Master, Lester Levenson.

If you want to get up close and personal to an American Master to learn how he achieved freedom from suffering to experience true peace and happiness, I highly recommend Stephen Seretan’s book, Lester and Me (also available in Spanish).

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your time and hope you enjoy visiting this site as much as I enjoy providing information and resources.

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6 Responses to Experience true peace and happiness the Lester Levenson Way!

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  2. It sounds like a great book, Marianne. I remember your post about Lester Levenson. I spent a few days watching his videos, and have been meaning to look into reading more about him and his technique. Thanks for sharing this review with us. I’ll put the book on my reading list (and come back and use your links when I’m ready to order it). 🙂

    • Miracle Mama

      Hi Robin! I too, spent a few days watching his videos, however apparently they aren’t available anymore on Youtube. Someone took them down. Drats! Maybe this is a question I could ask Stephen. Lester was incredible.
      Thanks for your support Robin. I really appreciate it! 🙂

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  4. Hi to everyone.
    LesterandMe.com has been down for awhile for re-designing.
    You can go to KiSSReleasingSystem.com for more info on Lester’s miracle making technique. I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

    Love and Light,

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